Moving WordPress from Linux to Windows Server

I create a lot of WordPress websites for other people. I create everything on my test server and when the customer is happy with it, I move it to their hosting account. I like to work this way because that means I can do what I need to without worrying about people seeing a site

Removing Spammy Users from WordPress

I have a friend that set up a BuddyPress, WordPress website called She set it up years ago. It’s a great site for women who want to buy modest clothing. Everything was going great until one day, when her hosting company, HostGator, told her she was taking too many resources for her hosting package and shut

Dan Ariely at UXI Live

I had the pleasure of listening to Dan Ariely at UXI Live conference in Israel. He’s a real rock star in our house. My eldest daughter decided that she wanted to learn behavioral economics after reading his book, Predictably Irrational. She’s studying economics and psychology at Hebrew University. Having the opportunity to hear him in

When to Create and When to Buy WordPress Themes

WordPress is an amazing platform. Over the years I’ve made a bunch of my own themes for clients and for my own blogs and websites. With tools like Thesis and Headway, it can be fairly easy to customize your website to do what you want. Both Headway and Thesis are great platforms to start with.

Using Drupal to Sell Products

This past year has been a pretty busy year for us. We came out with the Q&A site, did a total redesign of The Pet Wiki with responsive design, and we also released a new site for selling paintings online, which we developed in drupal. We’ve teamed up with GINA Gallery, the only international naive